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A little bit about me

A while ago now, I wanted to do a triathlon. I was clueless, and I thought running 10km was ridiculously hard. Since then, I've made it my lives mission to learn about the human body, improve as an athlete, and help others to improve. Right now, I work to curate sports science info for coaches, athletes, and companies to coach better, race faster, and create better products. 

My Timeline 

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Uni Life 

2007 - 2010

It all started after my first year at university studying engineering. I was playing rugby and partying A LOT.

At the end of the year, I decided to make a change. I decided to start training for triathlon. At my first triathlon, I didn't know people wore wetsuits and I was last out of the water! 


Getting Serious


After a few years of training, studying and drinking (in that order), I completed my Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry. I had also, somehow, managed to get reasonably good at triathlon. After qualifying for age-group champs, I decided I didn't want a job and signed up for an Honours year in Sports Science. 

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Going "pro"


After a top 10 at age-group world champs (2011), and a podium at a half ironman in NZ I thought I was far better than I was. This was support, in my head, when I achieved first-class honours in sport and exercise science.

 The next step, move to the Gold Coast and go all-in.

I got massively overtrained.... 

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PhD Life

2013 - 2018

Low carb, run-walk, ironman, ultrarunning, running power, supplemental ketones, coaching, world travel, marriage! 

Over the 5 years of my PhD, I experienced a great deal both in theory and in practice. It was near the end of my studies that I realised I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to help create more informed coaches and athletes. 

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All - in


I had never had a 'real job', and finishing my PhD didn't seem like a good time to start. I had always done a little bit of coaching on the side, but nothing worth warranting a full-time job. 

To help gain clients and increase awareness I started a podcast with fellow PhD graduate Dr Matt Miller.



Family Life


After moving to Rotorua, buying a house, and having somewhat of a stable income, it was time to start the next phase of my life.

Being a Dad while trying to run a small business and maintain competitive training has been the biggest challenge of my life, but it's made me more aware of struggles of the clients I work with


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Getting Recognized


2021 has been a turning point for my career. I've started gaining traction as an educator and a thought leader in the space of endurance training science. Notably, my experience and knowledge of running power meters is helping set me apart from the field. I've almost finished my first book on running power.


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