Analysing A Marathon Training Session in TrainingPeaks

The five pillars of quick analysis was designed by myself by Dr Matt Miller in our Sports Science Masterclass. It provides a quick and effective way to analyse training sessions.

1. What was prescribed?

1 km warm-up power zone 1

19 km in power zone 2

5 km in power zone 3 (marathon power output)

5 km power zone 4 (threshold)

2 km cool down in zones 1 - 2

2. Duration/Distance:

Completed as prescribed

3. Zones:

The initial “pre-fatigue” session was completed as prescribed, with both power output and heart rate in zone 2. However, while the runner completed the zone 3 effort at the prescribed power output, her heart rate increased rapidly into HR zone 4 (95-99% LT), giving a power to heart rate ratio or decoupling factor of 7.71%.

4. Peak power outputs:

No massive spikes in power.

But HR is enters into Zone 4 from all durations 10min.