Coros Vs Garmin - 13 Reasons Why I’m Sticking with Garmin

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

After a few months of using my Coros Apex 46mm, I noticed Coros has a lot of catching up to do to get on par with Garmin’s features and third-party compatibility.

Summary first;

  1. If you’re only interested in GPS, battery life and value for money, go for the Coros

  2. If you want features like Strava Live, Vo2max, virtual partner, and other smartwatch capabilities go for Garmin.

Disclaimer. I paid full retail for both my Coros Apex 46mm and Garmins (245 & Fenix 6) and I have no affiliation with either company.

1. GPS and Wrist Heart Rate Accuracy: Same Same

GPS and heart rate were all good. I never noticed anything drastically out of the ordinary with either. Wrist heart rate is never going to be very reliable, and I found the Coros was fine during steady-state training but struggled with intervals or anything that had particularly “noisy” data. The same has been the case with Garmin.

2. Pacing: Virtual Partner or PacePro

Garmin has two advanced pacing features, not including Strava Live (see next), called Virtual Partner and PacePro where you can upload a course or a past activity and race against your previous attempt or a set time. I.e. 20min 5km.

The best Coros has to match these features is pace alerts. That’s where the watch beeps when you go over or under a set pace. Helpful, but you don’t get any insight into how far ahead or behind your goal, or virtual partner, you are.

That leads into the second missing feature.

"We run for Segments, Kudos, PBs and health, in that order. Love it or hate it, Strava is a part of endurance sports."

3. Strava Live Segments

We run for Segments, Kudos, PBs and health, in that order. Love it or hate it, Strava is a part of endurance sports. Getting yourself on the top of the segment leaderboard can be a big deal 🥳.

Strava Live Segments allows you to sync your favorite Strava segments with your watch so you can get feedback on how you’re going while you’re attempting the segment. Strava Live Segments can be a super useful pacing tool for those long nasty segments that require a bit more than an all-out sprint. It can also save you having to wait until you finish your run (or ride) and upload your workout to find out if you beat your PB or got on the leaderboard.

NOTE. The Garmin Forerunner 245 does not have Strava Live. You’ll need to go Forerunner 645 and up or get the Fenix 5 & 6 range AND have Strava Premium to have access.

4. Physiological Data