Learn sports science principles in an easy and understandable way so that you can apply the information yourself. Equip yourself with the resources necessary to be an effective athlete. There are six separate modules and you get lifetime access to on-demand resources. Interactive quizzes and videos ensure you are getting all the info you need. You finish the course with a graduation certificate! Great for coaches and athletes alike.

Presented by Sports Scientists 

Dr Matt Miller and Dr Will O'Connor


Part 1: The fundamentals of aerobic development: How easy training makes you faster.

Presenter; Dr Will O'Connor


Train hard race hard, right? Well… kind of! Using understandable scientific principles of energy system development, you will learn how to target the energy systems you need to improve your training to consistently improve. The systems in the body are complex, but understanding how your body responds to training doesn’t have to be. Our interactive training module shows you what’s up, then we give you a refreshing “quiz” on the important takeaways.


Part 2: Polarized training: Easy means easy and hard is hard

Presenter; Dr Matt Miller


Have any friends who get personal best segments on their “recovery” rides? Well, if they are training properly, this shouldn’t be possible. By polarizing our sessions and maintaining self-control we can develop our energy systems properly, train more consistently and really go hard when it counts. It all makes sense in this interactive module as we zoom out on your season, your race and your day-to-day. Knowledge is power!


Part 3: Analyzing your training with TrainingPeaks: Using software to train more effectively

Presenter; Dr Will O’Connor


Training management software can be a little bit daunting. While days, weeks and years of data can be extremely useful for the coach and self-coached athlete, it’s important to understand what to look for. In this module, we will help you analyze your race and your training sessions effectively so that your charts speak to you in plain language. After this, you will be equipped with coach-level insights to take through the seasons.


Part 4: Getting the most out of your device: How to train with Heart Rate and Power.

Presenter; Dr Matt Miller


It’s easy to get lost in training data until you know what you’re looking for. Believe it or not, not every number is useful every session, but over time we can develop a stronger understanding of ourselves and our performance with just a heart rate monitor and power meter. You will finish this module knowing what each metric means for you and how to use it to get faster.


Part 5: Periodization: how to structure a season.

Presenter; Dr Matt Miller


Structuring a season is the real secret sauce of the endurance coach. Yes, the day-to-day workouts are important, but the big picture is key! In this module, you will understand how a season-long training plan is built, and what the astute coach considers when putting it all together for you. You will finish this module with the tools needed to put together your own season.


Part 6: Putting it all together: Writing your own training plan in TrainingPeaks.

Presenter; Dr Will O’Connor


The title here says it all. You will finish this module by building your own 4-week training plan. Step-by-step we will guide you to the key points for your event. 

When you finish your plan you can submit it to us and we will make any necessary changes so that it fits with your goals. You will receive an e-certificate for successful completion.

Masterclass: Using Sports Science to Train More Effectively