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Mountain Running Kepler Track (NZ) with a Power Meter and Lactate Monitor
Dr Will O'Connor

Mountain Running Kepler Track (NZ) with a Power Meter and Lactate Monitor

Ahead of my next ultramarathon, the Kepler Challenge 60km, I wanted to check my pacing strategy. I use a Stryd running power meter because it gives me the most direct measurement of my effort at any given time. Heart rate and pace can be unreliable for trail ultras. We've come up a few Km short in an ultra before! 😭. To test my pacing I ran up Mt Luxmore, Te Anau (NZ) at 75-80% of my rFTP or critical power. I tested my lactate at 30min (6.2mmol) and 60min (6.9mmol). A measurement over 6mmol shows that my power range is going to be too high for a 5-6hr run. Lower is better, and wouldn't want my lactate to get much above 4mmol, otherwise I'm going run out of glycogen before the end, regardless of how much I consume during the race. That means I'll need to aim for about 73-77% rFTP/CP for this weekend. Theory is one thing, execution is another. Which me luck! 😁 Learn more about lactate on my podcast https://link.performanceadvantagepodcast.com/62 LINKS • Strava: https://link.drwillo.com/Strava • YouTube: https://link.drwillo.com/youtube • Instagram: https://link.drwillo.com/instagram • Facebook: https://link.drwillo.com/facebook • Listen to our podcast: https://www.performanceadvantagepodcast.com • Getting coaching with Dr Will: https://link.drwillo.com/pacoaching • Sign-up for the Endurance Training Hub https://link.drwillo.com/endurancetraininghub Edited by Rycopene: https://www.youtube.com/Rycopene
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