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Complete a 1km and a 5km time trial to determine your running power threshold (Critical power rCP) and running power training zones.

Distances don't need to be exactly 1km and 5km. They can be 1 mile and 3miles or 1km and 10km. The aim is to select a distance that will be 1. less than 5min, 2. greater than 10min.

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Read an in-depth description on my training zones 👉HERE👈

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Dr Will O'Connor

I am a running scientist and coach educator at TrainingPeaks.

I used my background in biochemistry to complete a PhD in Sport & Exercise Science at Massey University, where I investigated metabolic flexibility and ketogenic diets in ultra-endurance performance.

I actively compete at the elite level in ultra running events and I have been using a power meter since day one. I've coached a plethora of athletes from running to triathlon around the world. 

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